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Vinyl to CD conversion
78 to CD Specialists!
Unique 24 bit 9-step process!
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78 to CD professional audio restoration services since 1997
78s are just $7.50 per side including complete restoration!

78 to CD conversions only $7.50 per side!  Preserve your out of print 78 collection affordably and in high quality.  Many families have private recordings on 78 acetate.  Brands like "Wilcox Gay," "Recordio," "Presto," "Claritone" and "Silvertone" are something we see all the time.  Please don't try to play these records before sending.  Email us with your info and questions about your 78s.

Let 78toCD.com preserve your special record by making a custom CD from your personal copy.  A digital recording of your record will be made using a professional grade "digital turntable."  (not to be confused with USB turntables or cheap "transfer" services) Our special process includes removing clicks, pops and surface noise without damaging the integrity of the original recorded sounds, frequency range and dynamics.  Each track is edited manually, named and individually normalized.  The result, your new CD will sound better than the record and you can enjoy it with the rest of your CD collection!

There are no shortcuts to great sound.  We have developed our own process for remastering vinyl and acetate recordings.  In our unique 24 bit nine-step process: digitizing, surface noise removal, click/pop removal, editing, normalizing and track naming are each separate steps prior to creating your CD.   These processes take time and patience however the end result is the best possible sound from your vinyl or acetate record.

78s, LPs & 45s!  Digitize your records of any size or speed professionally, quickly and affordably.  Email info@kingtet.com

PayPal accepted!  Your out of print record remastered in an all digital environment!  Scanning original artwork is optional.
All single orders processed and shipped within 24 hours!

 Our service completely restores your records
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MP3 Audio Samples
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