What is CD Mastering?

Our service completely restores your recordings!

Why is a "master" better than a "transfer?"

A transfer sounds just like your old record, whereas a master is your old recording optimized! Since many companies offer "transfer" services and charge extra for separate tracks and noise reduction, we felt it helpful to point out what the "Mastering" fee for a record to CD conversion  includes the following processes:
  1. A digital recording is made of your record ("transfer")
  2. Clicks, Pops, crackle, hum and surface noise are removed from your recording, other special processes are used to achieve the most "listenable" sound from your old records.
  3. The recording is then edited into separate tracks*
    *Please note, this is not an automated process, since editing is done
    "by hand" and "by ear," your tracks separations will be where you
    expect them to be!

  4. Each individual track is then "normalized" to achieve maximum
    volume without distortion.
  5. Whenever possible, every track is "named" so that song titles, artist name and album name will all appear in your software when you rip your CD to your MP3 collection.
 Fair enough?
If you have any further questions on this subject,
please email for assistance.